How To: Have some fun with the Mac ‘say’ CMD.

I sort of wish I hadn’t come across this command while my workers were discussing an April Fool’s joke where they send this cmd to the Macs in our lab to scare kids only to have chaos ensue. I then proceeded to play with this far longer than I should have.

The say cmd when typed into the Terminal will vocalize a phrase with a voice of your choosing.
For example… if you type say –help into Mac, it will give you the following parameters;

Usage: say [-v voice] [-o out] [-f in | message]

Here is the cmd in action…

Here is a huge list of potential voices (and you can download voices, fun!). You can see this list under System Preferences > Speech. Also, if you highlight the System Voice bar, you can view ‘Customize’ which will allow you to download extra voices (such as Diego for Spanish, etc!)

Go ahead, give it a whirl. Make sure friends are nearby so they can oggle at your ability to speak to your computer. Hell, have two terminal windows going and make them have a conversation (y’know, if you’re super bored.)
Hell, you could make a whole script of an epic romance novel between Zvarox and Victoria.
Or re-enact the scene from Psycho.

The possibilities are endless.

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3 comments on “How To: Have some fun with the Mac ‘say’ CMD.
  1. fuckyou says:

    Why the fuck don’t you have a copy-paste transcribe instead of a fucking image?

    • Courtney says:

      People learn CMD line better when they type it out themselves. Considering this is only 2 or 3 words (say -v (or a name)) I think this is a fine approach. ^__^

  2. moiemem says:

    Thank you, i was searching for other voices. Now i can geek in peace !

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